Welcome to Life on the Miracle-Round. I'm so glad you stopped by. After taking a year hiatus, I'm back! But this time in a different country! I moved with my husband and children from a quiet, old town in southern Ontario, Canada to the lively and busy city, country, state that is Singapore. 

Come join us as we learn the ropes of living in a new country. It's the first time that we have moved abroad and found ourselves living as expats in a foreign land. I will be sharing about our family's adventures, making our new place into a home, food, culture and well, basically just life in Singapore. 

Why Miracle-Round? 
You may be wondering about the title of the blog. You see, my boy has a unique way of looking at the world and everything in it. I hope he never loses that ability. He used to call a merry-go-round, a miracle-round. He is my constant reminder that you can look at things in a different light, that there is more than one to approach life. 

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