October 7, 2011

This Week

This week I was slammed with a nasty cold. I still feel yucky. Despite the fact that I feel under the weather, the weather this week has been gorgeous, perfect in fact. Finally the rain stopped and the sun came out. Time to address the deck.

After spending all day Monday on the couch, I decided that when the sun came out on Tuesday, that it was time to get outside, whether I felt like it or not. I mean how many warm, sunny days are left this year? While I was waiting for the sun to dry up all the rain, I began to tackle the mess that is the front garden.
This is in progress. Still. Lots of work left to do. Maybe next week?

I've spent the last several days painting the deck. Wow. It's taking a long time. I knew it would. It's totally worth it.

Well, back out to the deck I go.

October 1, 2011

Making Progress.

Several months ago, I came across these.

I've used some of them here and here. But, the rest have been sitting in a box in the tv room closet. Until now.
Primed and ready go. Stay tuned!
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