August 6, 2011

One Corner

A while ago I blogged about the white cabinet in our living room. You can read about it here. I fixed the moulding, tidied the mess and organized the drawers. It looked so much better. But, the next day, I decided to take it one step further by rearranging the shelves. One of my new favourite things is colour blocking. Here's the result.

Now if you are partial to the Dewey Decimal System, this would drive you nuts. But if you are visual like me, you see the cover of the book in your head. Finding the book is easy and Andrew agrees!



One corner down, 97 or so to go.

August 4, 2011

The Worst Room In The House

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my house. It's old, it's quirky, it's lovely. It  has great moldings, doors and built-ins. But the TV room has seen better days.
We added the colour testing patches.

And the junk.

And now for the overhaul. I started with gathering pictures and arranging them on the floor, then hung them on the wall.

You may think that this is a rather backwards way of doing things, but I didn't want to fill in holes in my new paint job if  I didn't get the nail in the right place the first time. Patching and sanding plaster can be messy work! When I was ready to paint, I simply took down the pictures and gently pulled out the nails. When the painting was done, I put the nails back in the holes and rehung the pictures. (I'm not sure you could do this if you have drywall instead of  plaster.) I used the above picture as a reference guide to make sure I got the pictures in the right spot. It worked well.

Down with the pictures and nails, out with the furniture and on with some paint. Some of the furniture got a much needed new coat of paint.


The pictures have been up for a few months now. (Would you believe that I started this post in June?) I love sitting on the couch and looking up at all those charming faces! I didn't realize how much I missed having photos on the walls.

Little Miss' paintings displayed in frames found at the Re-Store. A coat of white paint unified the mismatched frames. There is one spot left for a future materpiece.

One little table painted white.

Books, vintage finds, souvenirs from abroad and a yellow framed painting by Little Miss. You can see the transformation here.

Some rusty, vintage items from my dad's workshop. Remember this post? And Mousey Boy, a friend to Little Miss when she was, well, little.

Of course there is still a little left to do....some paint on the tins and baseboards. But, it's greatly improved, don't you think?
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