March 9, 2012

You Make Me Feel Lucky

Every once in a while, I need to declare my love for the man that I've been married to for almost 17 years. I'm not mushy. But I do love him so. This just seemed to fit. I was inspired by this post by Elsie Larson at A Beautiful Mess, in fact I even pinned it. I also pinned this sweet little clover. Time to put the inspiration into action.

I grabbed all those scraps from left over projects - mostly from when we refinished the basement.

I cut them and nail them to two pieces of wood that run vertically behind the boards. The strips of wood are all different sizes. I like the look. Not perfectly lined up, not exactly the same length. Definitely different widths and thicknesses.

Next up, paint. I just used some white paint that was left behind by previous owners. No priming, just a quick lick of paint.

Now the fun begins. My message to my love: you make me feel lucky like a four-leaf clover. I dug out some vinyl lettering left over from another project and that has been used time and time again, which meant that I had to improvise. In several places I used two letters to make one (look closely at the r's and the first e and the blue K). If you don't have vinyl lettering lying around, you can find it at an office supply store.

Once you have the vinyl stuck firmly in place, paint over it. I chose a green that, again, was left in the basement by the previous owners. It was a quick paint job. Some of the white still peeks through.

Next, pull out the stamps. And fight off the 8 pound puppy that is eyeing the stamps. You could avoid all the trouble that crafting on the floor with a curious pup brings, but where's your sense of adventure? I like to live dangerously.

While you are waiting for the green paint to dry, stamp out the remaining words. If you don't have stamps, you could use the same process as above with vinyl. I just didn't have vinyl letters that were small enough to fit, but I did have stamps. Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the vinyl letters.

To make the shamrock, cut out 4 leaves. Each leaf looks like a top of a heart. Sew a running stitch across the bottom of each leaf and pull the thread tight. A small rectangle becomes a stem. I used green flannel because it was what I had, but felt would be great. Glue it on to the board.

Give it to your love. Who declares it is great. And asks if you are going to share it on the blog.

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  1. I LOVE my sweet daughter-in-law!!!

  2. Aw! Miss you! Looking forward to seeing you.

  3. I'm dropping by as the guest judge on The CSI Project this week. I love everything about this project. The fact that you combined two different pins to make something new and the fact that you used things you had around the house. Fantastic!

    1. Hi Erin,
      Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like it.

  4. Oh my goodness this is a great project!! I would love for you to add it to my St. Patty's Day Project Parade.

    1. Hi Lindy,
      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like it. Just linked up to your party. Thanks for the invite.

  5. Wanted you to know I featured your sign on my blog !!

    1. Hi Claire. Thanks for the feature!

  6. Wanted you to know I featured your sign on my blog !!


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