December 25, 2011

Getting Ready

We've been busy this week getting ready for Christmas.

Making an ugly Chrsitmas sweater. It was so much fun to put together. Sparkly garland, lights that blink. What's not to love?
I'm happy to say that Andrew won the ugly sweater contest at work. Really, was there any question?

Wrapping presents, presents, and more presents.
A flannel sheet found at a thrift store (don't worry, it was brand new with tags still attached) becomes a table cloth and fun little bags that hold treasures for Christmas morning.

Cute little jingle bells attach the handle.

Some more little bags made out of a piece of remnant fabric with jingle bells to tie them close.
 Already to open Chritmas morning.
Baking gingerbread houses, cookies and Christmas cake.
Lots and lots and lots of chopping. Thanks, Andrew!

Nine eggs. Yes, nine eggs! It's an old recipe. From my mom, from her mom.

Ready for the oven. Andrew's been boozing the cake. We'll eat it Christmas day. I can't wait.

Adding sparkle.

Enjoying some Christmas cheer.
Mr. Man's Christmas concert was short and sweet. He was a dancing snowflake.

Even Sneakers got into the Christmas spirit.

December 19, 2011

Three Cute Little Trees

Three little trees all in a row.

So easy to make.
For the first little tree, all that it took, was a empty box of cereal and an old table cloth. Oh, and a cute puppy who likes to help.
You could make one too. Flatten an old cereal box and make it into a cone.  Rip strips of fabric and wind them around the cone. I used the white part of the table cloth, but you could use any fabric you have. When one strip of fabric is getting near the end, simply tie on another piece of fabric and keep wrapping. The ties make cute little bows.

For the second little tree, all that it took, was some left over underlayment.
This stuff normally goes under laminate flooring. We had some left over from when we remodeled the apartment. You could make one too. Roll the up the underlayment into a cone. Glue.  I cut out a star out of the same material and glued in on the top. C'est tout fini!

For the thrid little, all that it took, was a package of handkerchiefs and a stitch or two. You could make one too. The package of handerchiefs came from a thrift store. Still new in the package. A set of four. Fold the handkerchief in half.

And then in half again.

Repeat with the other handkerchiefs. (I love saying that word!) And stack them one on top of the other. Then sew through all four handkerchiefs on the diagonal. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Cut off the corner.

Hold it by the point. Shake. Stand it up and arange the folds.

And there you have three pretty little Christmas trees.

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December 16, 2011

O Christmas Tree

We put up our tree in the first week of December. That's early. Really early for us. We're normally just getting our tree up now. Maybe.

We got our tree at the same spot we did last year. A church parking lot. In the rain. The people are friendly. The trees are pretty. The price is right. $40. Yes, thank you, I'll take one.

In comes the tree. Off comes the end. In goes the tree into the stand. Out comes the water all over the floor. So out comes the tree. Off comes the top of a pail. In goes the pail. In goes the water. And the water stays and stays. The next day, out comes the tree. Out comes the drill. And holes are made in the trunk. In goes the tree. Out goes the water - into the tree. And finally we can decorate!

Andrew and Mr. Man put all the lights on the tree. I like white lights. The kids like colour. I gave in a couple of years ago. After the light, comes the fun. the ornaments.

Even puppy came to help.

The ornaments have been collected over the years. Nothing matches. There is no theme. We like it that way. Every ornament was either made or given to us.

I'm linking up to the Thrifty Decor Chic. Go check out all the other trees.

December 14, 2011

Treat Tuesdays

Chocolate Crackle Cookies. Mmmmm. Yummy chocolate! You can find the recipe here. They are delish. Martha never steers you wrong when it comes to cookies.
Measuring is such serious business - even when you are wearing a Santa hat! I love that my kids can now measure things properly.

And crack eggs all by themselves.

And use the mixer without me worrying.
Everytime we use the mixer (which is often), Little Miss and Mr. Man always reminisce about  having to put their hands behind their backs before I would turn on the mixer. It's funny what they remember. They were little. They stood on chairs. They were curious. I grew up going to church with several people who were missing fingers and limbs. Not from baking accidents - farming accidents - but still....

The recipe tells you to melt the chocolate over hot water. We use the microwave because kids like microwaves. Notice the smile?
And the puppy likes to help too.


Treat Tuesdays are awesome! I only wish it didn't get dark at 4:30 so my pictures would turn out!

December 12, 2011

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome! Would you like a tour?

We've been busy getting ready for Christmas.
Come on in!

The dining room has three windows all in a row. The middle window received a little cheer.
A wreath hung with a red ribbon, lights both inside and out at night. Pretty candles decorated with paper snowflake chains.

Garland made by Little Miss from sparkly pipe cleaners. Chubby Santa lights, so called by the kids, were a thrift store find.

Our living room.
This is where we spend most of our time. There is usually someone curled up on the couch and another on the chair.

A little of this and that. Santa, nativity, reindeer and trains. The kids love to rearrange the nativty. It's different everytime I walk past.

This is one of my favourite things that I've made this year. You can get one here.

Our tree was decorated by the kids. The ornaments have been collected over the years. Nothing matches. There is no theme. We like it that way. Every ornament was either made or given to us.

Snowmen and Christmas cards.

A little wreath in the kitchen. Pears waiting for some Christmas loveliness. Christmas goodies for the tasting.

A little green and sparkling lights in the TV room.

With three homemade trees.

Some Christmas cheer for the side door.

Well, that's it for the tour! I hope you enjoyed it.
I'm linking up to 2011 Christmas Home Tours @ The Inspired Room! {Virtual House Tour Linky Party!} and 2011 Christmas Tour of Homes @ Nesting Place. Come check out all the lovely homes.
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