May 25, 2011

So far behind

We've all been sick. It's dragged on, and on and on, and from person to person. Little Miss is now sick and Mr. Man is sick, again. Besides being sick, there have been a few other things happening at the house on the corner. Between feeling yucky myself and caring for the others, I'm just getting around to posting a few things that happened in the last two weeks.

Little Miss went to a Princess Ball, a father-daughter event held by our church. It was a fundraiser for local and overseas charities. She wasn't sure she wanted to go. She doesn't like the whole princess thing, but after we told her that it was basically a fancy social action meeting, and she learned that her friend would be there, she agreed to go with Andrew. She had a great time.

Everday for lunch, since the beginning of the year, Mr. Man drinks one of these.

One day, instead of milk, there was one of these inside.
It said "Yee-haw! Yee-haw!" when Mr. Man opened the carton. He was so excited to have finally won something from the milk contest that has been around for a few years.

After waiting for an eternity, or two weeks in Mr. Man-time, his prize arrived in the mail.

Happy, happy, happy boy!

A perfect prize for the boy that loves robots, birds and Wii. He wears his orange robot shirt every chance he gets. Have you ever noticed that he is usually wearing the same shirt in most of the blog posts? He carries a fan-dex of birds to and from school. He loves birds. Right now his favourite is the Rock Dove. And Wii. What can I say. Mr. Man loves it.

My magnolia tree in the side yard was in bloom last week. This week, the petals are on the ground or have since been raked up. Such a pretty tree, too bad the blooms don't last.

Our mailman was walking by when I was trying to snap a close-up of the flowers. I was standing on my tip-toes holding the camera above my head. "Did you get a good shot?" he asked as he walked by. Everyone is so friendly around here. I love it.

May 20, 2011

One Corner at a Time

Don't get me wrong, I love my house, but lately it seems that every room is driving me crazy. I think it's because some things just got "put" when we moved in. And I want to paint. But first, I want to deal with each corner of each room. On today's hit list: the white cabinet in the living room. It needs help!

The moulding is falling off the cabinet. I blame the move. The tape held for a week or two, but nails work so much better! Who knew?

Yes, I will fill in the holes and paint the cabinet. She needs a fresh coat all over. I decided to try out some rusty goodness. What do you think? I am hoping that the brass will shine once cleaned and I want to spray paint one or two of the other items - maybe, we'll see.  

May 14, 2011

Quick Fix

Last year, Andrew and the kids gave me this clock. I love it. It came from one of my favourite stores.  There is one problem, though. Unless you are standing right in front of it, it's possible to read the time. The black hands blend in the black metal spokes. A can of paint to the rescue.



I painted the hands with some paint that the previous home owners left in the basement. An improvement, for sure, but too light. Enter some other paint that I had lying around.


Much better!

May 11, 2011


May! You finally came. At first you were here in name only, but now you are really here. And I am sick. Please stay until I am better, so that I can enjoy the things that you bring, instead of just going through the motions. Things like plants growing,

and playing with the Guineas outside.

Hanging laundry on the line,

in the bright sunshine, surrounded by trees and singing birds.

And of course bicycle rides to the park. Can you tell that I can no longer keep up on foot?

May 4, 2011

Stir Crazy

What happens when it's been rainy for a few days in a row? Your kids start to go stir-crazy. Even at the dinner table. They giggle.

And act like an Egyptian.

So I sent them outside. Right in the middle of supper.

To run.

When they came back, they were still a little giggly, but much, much, much more calm. And they ate.

Rainy Days

Rainy, rainy days. We find ourselves stuck inside instead of being outside. Mr. Man has been watching his sister play with cootie catchers, sometimes called fortune tellers. He decided to make his own version, a boy version with marbles. What else would a fortune teller be of?



In action. 

Were you wondering how it works? Ask a yes or no question. Drop a marble in the top of the marble run. If your marble makes the jump and to the end, the answer is yes. Funny boy! I love him.

May 3, 2011


On Saturday we celebrated Bob and Dianne. Andrew's parents have been married for 45 years. They were surprised to see family from near and far.

Sarah read a lovely card from Aunt Celia who couldn't make it.

Like father, like son.
Opening gifts.

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