February 19, 2011


Being a Valentine baby, we always try to include something heart-ish in the not-so-little girl's loot bags. This year we included heart-shaped bubble bath and these homemade lovelies filled with cinnamon hearts.

Drawing from inspiration we saw here, we made our own version.

First, birthday girl drew hearts on wax paper. She just drew each heart by hand, but you could print off a heart pattern from the computer or use a cookie cutter.

Then we sewed them using a sewing machine. We didn't worry about following the line exactly.

We trimmed the edges and then birthday girl filled the hearts while I sewed them shut. We made the hearts using a double layer of wax paper. The original hearts that we saw were made with a single layer of wax paper. We found that the other items in the loot bag quickly poked a hole in the hearts. We had no trouble with the cinnamon hearts escaping when we used a doubled the wax paper.

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