June 11, 2011

A Week of Parties - Part 1

The end of May was full of parties. First there was the 51st Annual Dessert Pary at the school. An evening full of fun, games, and yes, desserts. It's the school's biggest fundraiser of the year, raising over $15 000 in one night. I baked these for the dessert table. You can find the recipe here. Best rolls ever.

Then it was Mr. Man's birthday. A Lego party in the park. Fun. Very fun. My inspiration came from Delia Creates and this post. She does a fab job of listing all sorts of resources.

The invite.

The set up. Up popped the canopy. Up went the ballons and streamers. Out came the materials for the first activity. Parachutes and Lego dudes. And we were ready. Easiest set up ever.

A kind man playing in the park with his kids helped set up the canopy. It was up in a few minutes. Mr. Man blew up his own balloons.

Mr. Man and the Little Miss goofed around while we waited for the guests to arrive. Seriously, we're never ready this early.

After the parachutes were decorated and the Lego dudes assembled, it was off to the playground for some target practice.

Searching and finding Lego men paper cut-outs.



Part of the loot bags. Lego heads.

Mr. Man is already planning his next birthday party at park. I'd say it was a success.

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