September 13, 2011

When $50 Becomes $100

I'm sure by now you've all heard of the famine in the Horn of Africa. So sad. So huge. But we can help. The kids decided to do their part and to fight the famine the best way they could, by holding a lemonade stand!

Signs were made.

Lemons squeezed.

Cookies made and watermelon cut. Change found and sorted. Product tested.

Toys priced and marketed by the cutest saleman. How could anyone resist?

Then the people came. Young and old stopped by all afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! With your help the kids raised $50. Right now, until September 16, the Canadian government will match donations. That's how $50 became $100 to fight the famine in the Horn of Africa. You can help too. Visit to make a difference.

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