May 30, 2012

Birthday Party - Angry Birds Style

Today Mr. Man turns nine. Nine! On the weekend he celebrated with his friends - Angry Birds style. Using PicMonkey we turned the above picture into party invitations.  (I was about to share it here when I realized that once I blocked out all the personal information, it well, didn't look so hot. So just imagine fun colourful words in red and green inviting you to a fun Angry Birds birthday party. And oh, the pigs were wearing birthday party hats.)

Before the boys arrived we set up the Angry Birds bean bags that I'd been working on earlier in the week.
And the pigs of course. Because the birds wouldn't be angry if it weren't for the pigs.

Using boxes from the grocery store, the boys built a real-life game board. Placed the pigs. And then hurled the Angry Birds bean bags at the pigs and boxes.
Again and again and again.

 Next it was on to throwing birds in the air and then water balloons at each other.

Followed by a pinata.

And cake. Simple, easy and of course angry.

I think, maybe, just maybe he had a good time!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Man! You are loved.

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  1. This is great! Finally I found an angry bird cake I can actually recreate!

    1. Hey Jen-

      I'm all for making things easy! Did you make the cake? I'd love to see a picture.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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