June 7, 2012

Memories and Cleaning

Today and probably tomorrow, I am cleaning out closets. I really don't like it, but it needs to be done. And people are coming on Saturday. No, I'm not afraid they will look in my closets, it's just that I have stuff around the house that needs to go away - in those closets - and there is no room. The one good thing about cleaning out all the crap is that you find a few things.

Like Little Miss' baby book. Truth be told, I'm terrible with baby books. There's a page, maybe two filled out. That's it. It's just not my thing. This blog is more my thing. A place to keep memories. Finding this book reminds me that I love blogging. I love recording our lives here, in this medium, not in a book. Blogging just resonates with me. Baby books don't. It also reminds me that I don't have to be good at everything or do everything. I am happy to love Little Miss and tell her all the things that make her special. But please don't make me write down things in a baby book. And poor Mr. Man. I'm not sure if he has a baby book. If he does, I've never written in it.

I also found this. A Kirby kite that Mr. Man made almost two years ago now. He's too big for it, or so he tells me. He no longer wants it, but I have fond memories of him running down the sidewalk with the Kirby kite flapping behind. It brings a smile to my face. So I guess cleaning out closets isn't all bad.

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