July 29, 2014

Our First Long Weekend

So here I sit, on a Tuesday afternoon. Trying to dry out from my quick dash to the store for some milk. And yes, I had an umbrella. I waited until there was a break, or so I thought! I made it there dry, coming back was another story. The rain just seems to come down sideways here. Seriously! I watched as sheets of rain moved sideways. I took a deep breath and made a run for it with the milk in one hand and my umbrella in the other. Things were going fine until I stepped in a puddle that was wa-ay deeper than it looked and lost a foot-flop. One foot-flop retrieved. One jug of milk bought. One drenched person. And to think that I walked under shelter most of the way. Thank goodness there's a small grocery store in our complex!

Yesterday, much to everyone's delight, was a public holiday here in Singapore. It was the celebration of Hari Raya (known as Eid in Canada) which marks the of Ramadan. Those who are Muslim celebrated with feasts, but for us the long weekend was simply some much needed down-time. We are slowly, but surely getting settled in. It's taking awhile. We knew it would. It's not a surprise or even unexpected. But oh do I wish the process would speed up! I think Andrew described the last couple of months best -- a bureaucratic nightmare (you can click on the link to read more). Tons of paperwork. Tons of sorting out. But we're getting there. The kids are now both in school. Andrew loves his job. Our stuff arrived. Our stuff arrived! I'm slowly, but surely making this place into a home and will soon begin to hunt for a job.

It was not an exciting weekend. And that is just what we needed. We hung out around the complex. Read, napped and watched TV. It allowed us to rest. To breathe. To feel renewed.

 We ventured out on Sunday to try a new church. St. George's. The inside was even more beautiful than the outside. The people were quite friendly and we found ourselves invited out to lunch afterwards.

 We ended the weekend with an evening swim. I don't think I will ever get tired of swimming under palm trees.

This weekend is just what the two homebodies and even the two adventurers needed.

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