August 12, 2014

Friday Night at Clarke Quay

We had a fabulous weekend! And boy, did we need it! The previous weekend was a write-off - Andrew was sick for several days. And the last two weeks have been rough as we are still adjusting to a new country. After loading myself up on cold medication, we managed to take in some of the sights and sounds of Singapore.

School ended early on Friday in celebration of National Day. This gave us plenty of time to get homework out of the way and meet Andrew at his office before we headed over to Clarke Quay. We spent the evening along the waterfront, eating, people watching and enjoying a river cruise. Madeline watched in awe as that round ball was shot like a sling-shot into the air. It was quickly added to her things to do.

I made them pose. They humoured me. Sorta. For a second.

 We hopped on a bumboat for a cruise along the Singapore River. Madeline recently finished a school project about bumboats. In the past they lined the Singapore River and were used to ferry both cargo and people from the ships in the ocean to the shore and the shop houses. You can see the shop houses in the back ground. Shop houses are just that -- shops on the bottom with a place to live above. The ones that have been restored are quite pretty and a definite reflection of Singapore's colonial past.

We took in the sights up and down the river. The Merlion.

We were able to catch a few minutes of the light show that happens nightly at Marina Bay Sands. This was added to Aiden's list of things to see. He's not quite the thrill seeker that Madeline is.

I think this is my favourite building in Singapore. Old Hill Police Station -- Singapore's first police station dating back to the 1800's. I just absolutely love the colourful shutters.

The river cruise was a fab way to spend a Friday night.

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