April 20, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter - Dyeing Eggs

At the farmer's market on Saturday, I bought eggs. White eggs. The kids were excited. I don't normally buy white eggs, but I tracked some down. They knew what was coming. The absence of colour, but all that is about to change.

After school on Monday, we got to work. There were squeals of joy when they realized what we were about to do. "You mean we get to dye eggs right now?!" Yep!
Colouring. Adding polka dots and noses.

Cute eyes waiting for a colour bath. What will you become little one? If you belonged to Mr. Man, you might become a dinosaur, because according to him, dinosaurs are related to chickens. And if chicks are around at Easter, then maybe dinosaurs are too.  Little Miss said "Dinosaurs are NOT Eastery!" "But, aren't they just a little, mom?" asks Mr. Man.

Dipping. We started by using the wire thingy that comes in the box. It didn't work. One egg almost cracked, but didn't. Then the kids thought they'd use their fingers until they dipped them into the blue. A metal came next. The egg rolled off and almost cracked, but didn't. We decided on tongs. Tongs worked. Go with tongs if you do this.


Drying. Mr. Man did a great job in dyeing his blue egg. So pretty.

Waiting. Love that boy and his smile. I could just eat him.

And waiting for the eggs to dry. Hop, hop little bunny!

Cutting, and then taping. Mr. Man loves taping. What kid doesn't?

Decorating. All lined up in the front window. A rainbow of colour against the grey outside.

Mr. Man's sleeping owl. Because every Easter basket needs a sleeping owl.

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