April 8, 2011

Retro Stools

A sneak peek of what not-so-pretty-retro-stools can become.

I found these at the ReStore.

They'd seen better days.

But, they only cost $5 for the pair. Yep. It was half price day at the ReStore. I love that place.

And the transformation began.  The stools were flipped over and legs removed.

Staples pulled out with the flip-grips and the vinyl removed.

Underneath the green and orange...

Grey vinyl from the remnant section of the fabric store. For $2, there was enough vinyl to recover both stools with some left over.

Some emblishment was added before stappling the vinyl to the stools.

A needle, emboidery floss and a fabric marker help give the stools some character.

The frame got a coat of silver spray paint.

And then some black paint was rubbed over top of the frame to add some depth.

The new vinyl was stappled onto the seat, which was then reattached to the frame. And voila! Tout fini! Two great stools.

1 comment:

  1. Those are great! Nice idea embroidering words on them!


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