April 13, 2011

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

My front door was in need of a little colour. The space between the storm door and front door is tiny. Miniscule, actually. After a little thought, I came up with this fab wreath that will fit in the shallowest of spaces. It was fun, inexpensive and is just the burst of texture and colour that my front door needed.

Want to make a yarn-wrapped egg wreath? Here's how.
First, I raided my recycling box for some cardboard to make the base.

Unfold the boxes, and lay the cardboard flat. I used this lovely bucket Andrew gave me for Christmas. I liked the proportions. Trace the top, then the bottom, making sure the smaller circle is centred in the larger circle. If you don't have a bucket, you could use two different sizes of plates or bowls. 

 Cut out the circle. You should end up with a ring that looks something like this:

Cut tissue paper into strips. I just used what I had on hand. Wrap the tissue paper around the ring.

Next, draw three different sizes of eggs. I drew them freehand on paper. You could trace cookie cutters or find a template on the internet.

Trace the egg templates onto cardboard. Then cut them out. I used 10 large eggs, 10 medium eggs and 10 small eggs. The number of eggs needed is dependent upon the size of the wreath.

Cheery yarn from a second-hand shop. 6 partly used balls for $2. Sold!

Begin by attaching the yarn to the back of the egg.

Then wrap the yarn around the middle of the egg, making sure the edges are covered.

Switch directions, and wrap diagonally.

Continue wrapping, changing direction when the yarn begins to slip.

Once all the eggs are wrapped, begin by attaching the large eggs around the wreath base.

Continue adding eggs until all the gaps are filled in.

Now to add some bunting. I used an old shirt and a flour bag.

On the fold of the flour bag, cut out a triangle. You'll end up with two layers. String the triangles over a lenght of yarn.

Cut out a triangle out of the fabric, just slightly smaller than the paper triangle. Using a sewing machine, sew the fabric triangle onto the paper. Write out your message using a disappearing marker.

Using embroidery thread, stitch on the letters.

Attach the bunting to the wreath.

Ready to hang.

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