November 1, 2011


One Sunday after church, we headed out to pick pumpkins. Nothing fancy: a local farm, a field of pumpkins, a wheelbarrow, two kids and a puppy. Sunshine. Joy. Happiness.

Costumes were designed and made, worn on Friday to school and again on Halloween.
In case you weren't sure, it's Medusa and an Angry Bird. Oh! And a hot dog, too. The kids were adament that Sneakers have a costume. I think they spent more time talking about Sneakers' costume then theirs.

Friends on Halloween night, ready to go out the door with dad and a hot dog.
Part way through, the hot dog came home, too tired to walk anymore. The boys went back out for more.

Pumpkins glowed and shone in the night.

Mr. Man's X-eyes.

Little Miss' screamin' pumpkin.

In all, it was a fun, fun night.


  1. Looks like a fantastic night! Sorry I missed it, you guys looked awesome :-)

    Aunt Sarah

  2. It was a fun night! We missed you too.

  3. It was a fun night! We missed you too.


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