November 15, 2011

Making It Work

I pulled out my good dishes for dinner on Saturday night. I love my good dishes, but hardly use them. This needs to change and what a better time to start than when friends are coming to dinner?

Only one slight problem. Everything else I own is casual, very casual, not-china-worthy-casual. What to do? With next to no time left to make things look nice and no fresh flowers in the garden to pick, I had to come up with something quick and easy.

So outcomes a vintage green and white cloth that once belonged to my grandmother, blue cloth napkins that we use everyday and some vintage green and blue binding.

A gold marker, some vintage binding and a little bit of paper ribbon later...and voila! Easy napkin rings that tie the napkins, table cloth and napkins together while serving double duty as place cards.

Sticking to my theme, simple and vintage, buttons were added to base of the candle holders and a vintage ribbon (seam binding actually) was tied around the candle.

 At that I called it quits. Pretty. Simple. Vintage. Not magazine pretty, but pretty just the same.

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