December 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas Part One (Or hmmmm, Something's Not Quite Right With This Christmas Display, So I'll Make My Own Shutters)

Our jelly cupboard sits in the living next to the kitchen. (And yes it's full of jelly and other jarred goodness for the very first time in 16 years, but that's another post.) It normally looks like this.

About a week ago, I began to decorate it for Christmas. But something wasn't right.  The proportions were all wrong. Something was missing. And then it hit me. There wasn't enough height.  hmmmmm. Shutters would look great. But I have no shutters. So I guess I'll make some. And I did. Out of an old blind. What do think?

Yep, that's right! An old blind. A fake wood blind that no longer worked. The broken one that used to hang in our dining room. Remember this awful mess?

Well, with few cuts and a glue gun, the broken, fake wood blind turned into this. A lovely pair of shutters.

The shutters become the perfect backdrop for Christmas card holder that I made from an old frame vintage wire and bunting with vintage trim. You can get one here. It's a larger version of the frames that I made for Water for Christmas.
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And a it's a perfect backdrop for the happy snowmen.
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Making the shutters were easy. Remove the slats from a old, broken blind.

Place the slats side by side.  I chose to use seven for each shutter. Line up the slits.

Take another slat and lay it horizontally over the slits.
Mark where it needs to be cut. (I stacked all four slats and cut them with a miter saw). Glue the horizontal slats over the slits. For greater stability, cut two more slats with angles at either end. Glue them  on diagonally between the two horizontal slats. That's it! Finished!

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  1. No way!! That is so awesome! Never would have thought to use blinds like that. Totally going to pin this!


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