December 6, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas Part Two (or Nativity Hide and Seek)

I thought I should mention that this year I have decided two things. One, I am much better at decorating in stages, hence the part one, etc. of decorating for Christmas. Two, I decided not to buy any new decorations (except for one string of outdoor lights), unless it came from a thrift store. Fast forward to Saturday. Out came the nativity scene. I love, love, love this nativity scene. It was a gift from Andrew and the kids a few years ago.

We carefully took it out of the box and put it on the side table in the living room.

Yah. Um. You-who! Nativity set! Come out, come out where ever you are! The set totally disappears.

Enter a box, some burlap left over from another project, corsage pins and ribbon from the thrift store.  Oh! And a cute little puppy.

Projects are always much more fun with a cute puppy.

I simply wrapped two boxes in burlap. One for the base and one for the back. Using a Sharpie, I wrote lyrics to a Christmas carol on some velvety ribbon and attached it to the box with the corsage pins. Voila! C'est tout fini! And now the nativity set has been found.

Now for some bunting at the top of the rug and this corner with complete. Stages, remember?

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