December 19, 2011

Three Cute Little Trees

Three little trees all in a row.

So easy to make.
For the first little tree, all that it took, was a empty box of cereal and an old table cloth. Oh, and a cute puppy who likes to help.
You could make one too. Flatten an old cereal box and make it into a cone.  Rip strips of fabric and wind them around the cone. I used the white part of the table cloth, but you could use any fabric you have. When one strip of fabric is getting near the end, simply tie on another piece of fabric and keep wrapping. The ties make cute little bows.

For the second little tree, all that it took, was some left over underlayment.
This stuff normally goes under laminate flooring. We had some left over from when we remodeled the apartment. You could make one too. Roll the up the underlayment into a cone. Glue.  I cut out a star out of the same material and glued in on the top. C'est tout fini!

For the thrid little, all that it took, was a package of handkerchiefs and a stitch or two. You could make one too. The package of handerchiefs came from a thrift store. Still new in the package. A set of four. Fold the handkerchief in half.

And then in half again.

Repeat with the other handkerchiefs. (I love saying that word!) And stack them one on top of the other. Then sew through all four handkerchiefs on the diagonal. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Cut off the corner.

Hold it by the point. Shake. Stand it up and arange the folds.

And there you have three pretty little Christmas trees.

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