December 8, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas Part Three (Or Thrift Store Wreath)

Our side door was in need of a little Christmas cheer. Several weeks ago I found these lovelies at a thrift store.
Glass. Vintage. I'm in love. Many still had price tags. 39 cents for some 99 cents for other bundles. Many came from Eaton's.

So let's get crafting, shall we? With my amazing power and strength, I turned an ordinary hanger into a circle with my bare hands. Amazing, eh? Snip off the hanger part. I used wire cutter for this part, not my bare hands.

And that is where my amazing power and strength end. With no strength left, I taped the two ends together.

I simply began by winding the wire that was attached to the glass bobble around the wreath frame.
 They were so wobbly at first, that I thought I would have to change tatics, but the more bobbles I added, the less wobbly they became. I started with the largest size and worked my way down to the little ones.

Until I had this. Shiny. Happy. Cheerful.

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