December 14, 2011

Treat Tuesdays

Chocolate Crackle Cookies. Mmmmm. Yummy chocolate! You can find the recipe here. They are delish. Martha never steers you wrong when it comes to cookies.
Measuring is such serious business - even when you are wearing a Santa hat! I love that my kids can now measure things properly.

And crack eggs all by themselves.

And use the mixer without me worrying.
Everytime we use the mixer (which is often), Little Miss and Mr. Man always reminisce about  having to put their hands behind their backs before I would turn on the mixer. It's funny what they remember. They were little. They stood on chairs. They were curious. I grew up going to church with several people who were missing fingers and limbs. Not from baking accidents - farming accidents - but still....

The recipe tells you to melt the chocolate over hot water. We use the microwave because kids like microwaves. Notice the smile?
And the puppy likes to help too.


Treat Tuesdays are awesome! I only wish it didn't get dark at 4:30 so my pictures would turn out!

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