January 3, 2012

Around the House

The Christmas decorations are all packed away. Hooray! I contemplated leaving the decorations up a little longer this year, but I couldn't do it. Despite not feeling so well, everything was packed up yesterday. The boxes went back into the attic today. I am ready for the new year to begin. I can't wait for 2012. It will be a great year. It will sparkle. I just know it!

The pile of boxes that Andrew put in the attic.

With Sneakers' help of course. That little guy is dying to get into the attic. Um, no, not happening.

The pile of needles left after the tree was taken out.  

The pile of books ready to go to the second-hand book shop. Let the purging and organizing begin! It is January afterall.

The pile of toilet paper on the floor. Not exactly the kind of re-organization I had in mind!

Happy New Year!

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