January 18, 2012

Who Could Resist This Face?

I took some time out from painting for Treat Tuesday.

Who could resist this face? On a quick trip to grocery store last week, we walked past the cake mixes. Mr. Man stopped. He oohed and ahhed. "Can we make a cake for no reason?", he asked. I knew saying yes, but that we had all the ingredients at home to make a cake, was not the same as saying yes to the cake mix. Saying yes to the cake mix was saying yes to something tangible, to a promise of good things to come. My word this year is sparkle. I want to sparkle and I want others around me to sparkle. Saying yes to a simple cake mix was keeping the sparkle in Mr. Man's eyes.

They are growing up too fast. They made the cake all by themselves. My only role was to put it in and take it out of the oven. They were so proud of themselves. They even iced the cake with no help. I think the best part about making a cake is sneaking a taste.

While they made the cake, I made these for supper. They are yummy. You can find the recipe here.

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