January 10, 2012


The house is quiet. It's just me. And Sneakers of course.

I sent two kindlywinks off to school today. The first time in two weeks. One went willingly, the other said they were sick, just not in so many words. I sent them both to school anyway. Tucked inside their lunch bags were some of these.

Dear friends of ours gave us Scribblish for Christmas. (Thank you, Ali!) We absolutely love the game. We have played it several times and kill ourselves laughing each time. So fun. I hope the little pictures and captions add some sparkle to their first day back at school.

I will soon be adding some sparkle to the house. Not actual glitter, but new paint. Paint went on sale this week. That's a good thing, since I'll be buying a gallon or two or six.  The kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway and office are getting a fresh coat of paint. I should just say the whole downstairs with the exception of the bathroom which is in okay shape and the tv room, formerly known as the worst room in the house, which was painted in the fall. I can't wait.

I'm also thinking about this from yesterday. This year is going to sparkle.

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