January 19, 2012

Around the House

Hello, glorious sun! I missed you yesterday. The rain stopped. The temperature dropped. Now we have sun and a dusting of snow. Still not enough snow to make a snowball or go sledding, but it's a start and a welcome break from the rain.

This morning I went on a field trip with Mr. Man and his class. Wow. There's a lot of energy in that class. I am enjoying a few moments of quiet along with my sun, before it's time to pick up the kidlywinks again. As I clean up the house, I see all the things that the kidlywinks leave behind. Like the paint that happily sits in Little Miss' room, waiting to used once again.
And the monkey that sits looking out Mr. Man's window.

In between painting (pictures coming shortly), I've also been working on some new items for my Etsy shop. Just in time for Vanlentine's day.
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And some for year round.
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